Monday, April 14, 2008

Five by Five - Fun Monday

This week's Fun Monday is being hosted by the Nekked Lizards. I am extremely grateful to them for choosing an assignment that didn't require a whole lot of thought and/or work, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to participate. But the assignment was thus: Show five pictures, describe each in five words. Any five pictures, any five words. Sounds good to me.
Every woman needs good shoes.

And a little black dress.

Diamond's ARE girl's best friend.

Mother nature has great crayons.

Happy Fifteenth Birthday Lil' K.

I really want to keep to the five words, but FYI "Diamond" is my brother's (and/or my parents') adorable dog.

Also, bonus points to anyone who can identify the pop culture reference in today's title.

Oh yeah, and head on over to Tales of a Southern Doll, she's hosting next week.


Beckie said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE those shoes! I'm glad you decided to play.

Robinella said...

I'm a sucker for shoes and those are great.

ChrisB said...

Is your reference to the boy band 5ive!!

Great photos~ I would fall over if I wore shoes that high especially after a few little black dresses!!

Alison said...

great job Karina, and you are right, Mother Nature does have the best crayons.

Rebecca said...

Since I started reading your blog I've started paying more and more attention to my footwear. I have two things:

1. I like how pretty I feel in cute shoes.

2. The cuter the shoe the worse my feet feel.

Rose said...

Love the shoes. Are you going to share that little black dress with your "favorite" mom?
Nice pictures.

the planet of janet said...

shoes!!! yay!

although mostly i can't take my eyes off the little black dress ;-)

BS said...

Tonight - I need A Little Black Dress ! Great post.

Unknown said...

Lil Black Dress indeed. Diamond is my size. :)

Have no clue but may have an ah-ha moment after you splain about the 5 by 5. :)

Unknown said...

Oops, Happy Birthday young lady!

Joy T. said...

Well darn it anyway I'm just getting those red x's. I'm pretty sure it's on my end and not yours so as Arnold would say....I'll be back!

Joy T. said...

Back again. Did you miss me :o) LOVE all the pics! I also love shoes so that first picture had me right away. And by the weekend I myself will need a little black dress so be prepared to share. Happy 15th Birthday to a very pretty Lil'K!!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Gorgeous shoes, and Diamond is adorable. And the little black dress, I love it - one size fits all.

Karina said...

Beckie, those are great shoes, aren't they? They're my "interview" shoes. ;-)

Robinella, yep, LOVE them.

chrisb, sorry, not the reference I was looking for...and yes, wouldn't want to wear those shoes with the little black dresses haha

Alison, she sure does, doesn't she?

Frigga, yes, that is the issue with "cute" shoes, isn't it? Although, I've learned that shoes are definitely one of those things where brand names actually matter...the better the quality, the less your feet hurt.

Mom, anytime, come on over!

Janet, the little black dress is quite sexy, ain't it?

bs, come on over as well, I have plenty of black dress to share.

lisa, I'm holding onto the 5 by 5 for now...I'll reveal it next Monday.

Thanks Joy, and I'll invite you along with everyone else, we'll crack open some more black dresses and stare at the pretty shoes...or something like that. ;-)

Jo, that is the best part about this particular dress, ain't it? ;-)

kitten said...

Those shoes are pretty, but I could never wear heals! Wonderful choice of 5!!

Tiggerlane said..., alcohol, a dog, and a cute kid? Are we leading double lives? Great post!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

LOOK at those eyes! On Diamond, of course. Impossible to be sad with that little cutie around :)

Hope things are going well bella :)

Pamela said...

I feel like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland ... I'm late I'm late.

look at those shoes. I wore them like that when I was thin, and young, and all those other things.
Now my feet are ruined.
Just don't wear them often.

Karina said...

Kitten, thank you! I practically live in heels, though in recent years I've started wearing flats more at least on weekends.

Tiggerlane, thanks! Yeah, those are the good things in life, aren't they? haha

Michelle, thank you! Yes, that pup does make things easier. She and I will be spending some quality time together when I'm off work next week.

Pamela, I know, I know...I'm trying to cut down my "heel wearing" time...but it's hard you know? ;-)