Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Recap - Week 1 - The Boys

So, yes, I've decided to do American Idol recaps here at Candid Karina, because I watch the show, and really enjoy when it gets down to the actual singing, so hey, why not?

Without further ado, said with all the verve of Ryan Seacrest...THIS...Is American Idol...recapped.

This week it all started with the top 12 boys.
For the record, I wrote my reviews of the performances AS I watched them, and before the judges commented. I have to say this because it was uncanny how many times I would write something and then Simon would say the exact same thing. No wonder I like the guy, jerk or not, he's usually right.
Let's get to it. Click here to learn more about the contestants.
First up was David Hernandez, singing "Midnight Hour". Interesting song choice, a bit gospelly for your first AI performance ever, but he nailed the vocals. Still, didn't blow me away. But he's likeable enough, cute, and has a good look about him. I think it could go either way with him. Is it foreboding that there's no photo of his performance over at the AI website?
Next we had Chickezie Ize, what a name! But what was up with the bright red suit, Santa? The song choice? WHY? Not only was it a boring ass song, but he was shaky on the vocals. He held that last note pretty well, but, one note does not a song make. And haven't these contestants learned yet that talking back to Simon NEVER works in their favore? Sorry Chickezie, I don't see you sticking around very long.

Moving on to David Cook. I like this guy. He had a bit of a "Doors" feeling to his interpretation of "So Happy Together", I liked it. It was the first time of the night that I really enjoyed a performance, he made it fun and made it his own. Nice job David Cook, I want to hear more and see what he's capable of.

And now, Jason Yeager. Dd we even see this guy during any of the audition footage? No? Well, then, show us what you've got Jason. Good grief, who picked these songs? I'll say this, with the song choice he had, he delivered. It sounded great, he's got a good voice, but I was bored. Simon said "Cruiseship", I have to agree.

Next on the stage was Robbie Carrico, this season's Bo Bice/Chris Daughtry with hair. Decent song choice, it worked for him, and I like this guy. It was my favorite so far.

But now we go to David Archuleta, who has been one of my favorite guys from the very first audition. I love this little guy, and was hoping he wouldn't disappoint. Yep, still love him. It wasn't my favorite performance by him, but he's got charm and talent, and I loved it. He's still one of my favorites. How cute is he??

I have to take a break here to say this...I'm having a REALLY hard time with the song choices here...60's week is killing me...there had to be better music than this in the 60's, right? Okay, back to the boys.

Danny Noriega is up next. I think this kid has a great voice, but he annoys the crap out of me. I'm going to ignore the fact that he annoys me, and just pay attention to the performance. AND he did alright. I have to give this kid credit, he can sing, and he's got an ease on stage that none of the other performers had yet brought to the stage. Now if only they could keep his personality (read - ego) in check. I have to disagree with Simon that his performance was "grotesque", it wasn't bad, it just wasn't fabulous. And yes, he still annoys me.

And then we have Luke Menard. Who he heck is Luke Menard? Another we didn't see at all during the auditions. OH man, this music is killing me...I hated this song, was bored silly, but I think he did alright with it, I guess...sort of...I won't remember him tomorow. (I swear I wrote this before Simon said it, and before Luke argued that people WOULD remember him).

Will I remember Colton Berry? Well, he's definitely not a forgetable personality and finally, a song I can stand behind. And wouldn't you know it, this 18 year old took "Suspicious Minds" made it his own, and delivered. I enjoyed it. So, there you go, I completely disagreed with Simon on this one.

On to Garrett Haley, another fresh face for us and one with a sense of humor, cute kid, but can he sing? ZZZZZZZZZ...oh, sorry, I dozed off choices people, haven't we learned anything yet? Eh...boring, forgettable...just eh...

Jason Castro is another fresh face I don't remember really from the auditions. Dread-locked, blue eyes, and playing the guitar. And I like him. He's got a unique something in his voice that I think could mean great things given a chance. He's charming and talented, and I love the humbleness. I want to hear more from him.

And finally, the Aussie, Michael Johns. My other favorite from the first audition, not only can he sing, but he's a hottie with an Australian accent. Don't disappoint me Michael! And he chose a song by the Doors. See, I told you there was good music in the 60's. And yes, he delivered, with passion, and fun, and this guy is already a star in my eyes...I love him. And how hot is he ladies?

So, predictions? Bottom 2 guys for me? Tough call because I was disappointed with several of them, but I'm going to go with David Hernandez (because by the end of the night, I'd forgotten all about him) and Luke Menard. Although I'd be worried if I was Chickezie, Jason Yeager and Garrett Haley.

What did you think? Tonight, the ladies perform.


Junebug said...

My daughter and I were watching last night and when we saw Michael Johns I said, "Now you can market that!" Isn't that what Simon said?

qualcosa di bello said...

i was awol last night & really, really appreciate your synopsis :)