Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pass It On - Part 3

Another Lenten week, another opportunity to spread the love and good will.

Monday, February 18th - A day I had decided would be for myself, but since I wasn't working, my mother wanted me to visit. May not seem like much, and I love my parents and always love to see them, but really had a wide range of "alone" plans that day. Still, I made sure to spend some time with them that day, putting aside my "alone" plans for a bit.

Tuesday, February 19th - I continued my new venture of sending out books to complete strangers.

Wednesday, February 20th - Friday, February 21st - I'm realizing I need to step things up a bit here, because I have made an honest effort to be a overall, a more positive person, smiling at strangers, letting other drivers go before me etc., but it is now becoming commonplace for me, so I can't single out any specific event for any one day...therefore, this coming week, I plan to step it up.

Sunday, February 24th - The final day of the Sunday School program I have been volunteering with. Also did a more personal deed later in the day...made a small difference, which turned into possibly a big difference in someone's life. In turn, I received a personal and deep spiritual gift myself.

Tonight I will lay my head on my pillow with a lighter feeling in my heart. It was a good week.

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qualcosa di bello said...

i love these updates...they are quite inspiring!