Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, but not this way! - American Idol ReCap

Week Two - The Guys

Here we are again, this week it's 70's hits, let's jump right into it. Again, I was writing these reviews before the judges spoke.

1. Up first was Michael Johns, singing "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac. Michael Johns, one of my favorite guys from the auditions because he can sing, and he's quite pleasant to look at, and oh yes, that Aussie accent doesn't hurt. Oh, but Michael can go your own way...but not this way. I wasn't impressed, I thought his voice sounded a bit strained at times, and I'm sad and disappointed. Still, he'll coast through, he's a hottie, nobody wants to see him go home yet.

2. Jason Castro is next, singing "I just want to be your everything" by Andy Gibb. I have to tell you, this kid is fast becoming one of my favorites. He's got a great look, and is incredibly talented. Playing the guitar, something new on this show, and I thought he did a great job, an sounded wonderful. Love him.

Taking a quick sidestep here to say that so far, I'm batting zero with the judges...we are NOT seeing eye to eye, or should I say we are not hearing ear to ear? Hmm...will we keep disagreeing? Let's see...

3. Next guy up is Luke Menard, who I was not impressed with last week. Will his interpretation of Queen's "Killer Queen" be any better this week? Well...I...Uh...I'm not sure to be honest. I think yes, it was an improvement over last week. I think there were some good moments, and it was a tough song to sing, Still, definitely better than last week, but

4. Okay, next we have Robbie Carrico and he's doing "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner. I don't know maybe I'm expecting too much from these guys, but I can't seem to get excited about any of them. He was alright, but I almost want to use one of Simon's phrases and say it was sort of "karaoke" fell short to me. I think Randy actually nailed what I was thinking with what he said, it just didn' have that "something" fell short, that's all I can say.

5. And now it's time for Danny Noriega, Ugly Betty's nephew. Oh, that's not him? Okay sorry, he just totally reminds me of him, except that I think Betty's nephew is endearing...this kid...not so much. The thing is, he's singing "Superstar" by The Carpenters, and this kid has a good voice. I think he did a reasonably good job, and you know...he could possibly be growing on me...kind of...sort of...ish.

6. David Hernandez is next and he's going to tackle "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations. Great song choice, I love this song, and I thought he did a pretty great job with it, and except for one little note a the very end, what a finale to the song. Wow, I didn't know he had it in him. Fully redeemed himself from last week's performance. And I agree with Simon, so far tonight, best performance.

7. Next on stage is Jason Yeager singing the Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Running (Without Love)". Eh. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. Eh. The song did nothing for him, and he did nothing for the song.

8. And now it's the guy with the name...Chikezie. The song was "I Believe to My Soul" by Donny Hathaway and I thought he did a great job with it. Once again I did not get the outfit...the shirt, the red shoes, the wrist stuff (what was that?)...didn't get it, but this isn't fashion idol, so I'll let that go and focus on the singing...I loved it, great job Chikezie.

9. David Cook is next. Another one with a guitar tonight. His song choice "Alright Now" by. I wasn't sure at first, but by the middle, and certainly by the end of the song, he had pulled me in. It was good...very good.

Small break...boy, the guys are all about talking back to Simon this year huh?

10. Lastly we have David Archuletta, the young kid with the big voice. Singing John Lennon's "Imagine" and looking a little more grown up, and three lines into the song and I'm saying "wow". Yep, this kid is hands down my favorite guy, possibly my favorite contestant this season. Love, Love, LOVE him. And he's humble to top it off. Did I mention I LOVE him.

So, going home this week? Tough call, there were a whole lot of eh performances and not a whole lot of great ones. I'm going to say Luke Menard (because once again, I forgot all about him) and Jason Yeager. Although, to be honest, I think all of the guys, with the exception of David Archuletta should be shaking in their boots.

That's it, that's my take, let's talk about the girls tomorrow night. What did you think?


h said...

I agree with who you're kicking off the show, but not with your positive reviews Chickezzie and Hernandez. Killer Queen might have been the stupidest song choice of the year. VERY very very hard to sing.

Pamela said...

I was in and out while the hubby watched it (he was correcting his students home work)

Anyway... we like the last guy. We would buy that record as done last night.

Beckie said...

I missed it last night so this recap was good for me. Thanks!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

As always I have no opinion because I'm counting on you, Karina, to keep me in the 'American Idol' know. The 'Imagine' performance sounds rather gutsy and magical.

the rotten correspondent said...

Thanks! I missed it last night and forgot to record, so had no idea what had gone one.

It was almost like being there!

Unknown said...

Was not able to watch last night as I had a Boy Scout committee meeting to attend....why did I know they would do 70s this week? So next week the 80s?
Anyway, sounds like their are onyl a few I am sad to have missed.

Jill said...

I think David A's humbleness is fake. Seriously. He doesn't have the 'aww' factor of Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood or even Kellie Pickler. It just comes off as smarmy somehow. Does that make sense? Anyway, currently watching the girls, so will get back to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting after the "ax" show and I'm with ya on most of this. I **heart** young David and was overwhelmed by his interpretation of "Imagine". Me...a 44-year-old MOM swooning and thinking about arranged marriage, lol.

So far, I haven't minded anyone who was voted