Friday, February 15, 2008

So close to blowing it!

OOH, busy day today and I almost missed my first day in Blog 365. ALMOST, but not quite!

HERE I AM. So, what to talk about then?

I was going to do a Follow-Up Friday, because the OCD in me feels like I need to go back to January and catch up on all the days I've missed in my "follow ups"...but then I decided that nobody but me really cares if I missed a few follow-ups, and I really need to let go of my obsession with tying everything up in a nice little bow. So, I'm just going to let it go, and I'll get back to doing my follow ups next week.

See, I CAN control my crazy mind.

So, with that control in mind, I'm going to sit back and relax on this Friday night, take a step away from the blog, and come back in the morning with my Saturday Photo Hunt.

Have a great Friday evening everyone!


Julia Phillips Smith said...

LOL! I felt pretty much the same way about doing a post tonight, Karina. I had a painful week and I'm exhausted. But I posted anyway. Never thought of myself as OCD but perhaps tonight we can make a case for it.

VERY glad you gave yourself a break. Hope you had a great night.

Unknown said...

I think that if I check back I will eventually see all the follows up. Your OCD will get control one day and you'll catch them all up. :) I have mental things like this too. :)

Anonymous said...

To quote REM "Stand in the place where you are" I'm glad you are learning the fine art of mind control. Once you've conquered yourself, you can take on the world! LOL

Yeah...don't mind me...