Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Big day today across the U.S.A.

Super Tuesday, the day when a large number of states hold primary elections. I'll let you click the link for more detailed information, but just know that a whole lot of people will be voting for their choice of candidate to run in the presidential election. Massachusetts is one of those states, so I started my morning off by voting as well.

Because this blog is a bit like my "safe happy place", I make it a practice not to delve into certain topics here, not because I don't have strong beliefs on them, but because certain things can just invite unpleasantness, and I don't want that here. That's not to say that as the presidential election progresses I won't voice my opinions, but for now...I'm just going to tell you this:

Get out there and vote. Not only is it your right, it is your obligation as an American citizen to get out there and let your voice be heard.

And then, once you've cast your vote, party it up, because today also happens to be Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardis Gras. The day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, for those who observe it. Eat, drink and be merry, I guess.

Do you observe Lent? And if so, do you "give anything up"? What will you be giving up this year?

As a general rule, I don't give anything up for Lent. Mostly because I already don't drink soda, don't drink alcohol all that often, don't eat that much candy or desserts, don't smoke, don't do drugs...man, I sound like a goody two shoes. But basically, what I mean is, anything I could "give up" wouldn't necessarily be a sacrifice for me, and certainly wouldn't benefit anyone else.

So, for Lent I usually try to focus on the positive instead. Doing good deeds. I try to perform a selfless act everyday. This year, I've decided that with the aid of blogging, I'm going to REALLY focus on this goal. If I tell myself to blog about it, it'll keep me in check, and I'll make a conscious effort to perform good deeds. Big or small, I plan to spread a bit of goodwill in the coming weeks. Will you join me?


Rebecca said...

Hehe, I get more giddy on election day than Christmas :-) You can bet your buck I'm going to be voting, I just have to wait until after work (polls don't open before my work does.) And no, I don't celebrate lent or Ash Wednesday or any of that stuff. :-)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I used to observe Lent - Catholic, you know - and I used to make a point of making sure I was doing without something that didn't have a side benefit. After awhile, giving up chocolate seemed like it was good for me, really. But one year I gave up using my walkman, which was hard, and another year I gave up buying magazines...which was HARD.

I like your good-deed idea - I'll be sure to swing by and see how you're doing.

And voting is absolutely a duty of every citizen. No complaining about who's in power if you don't vote!

Beckie said...

What a fabulous idea - doing an act of goodwill.

I was taught lent was a time of reflection and anticipation so we never gave anything up. I was also taught that Sundays during lent weren't part of lent so whatever you gave up for lent you could have on Sundays....not much of a sacrifice if you ask me. No, I'm not giving anything up, but I like the goodwill idea - a lot.

Our primary is the 19th of Feb. One party uses the primary to help determine their candidate and the other party doesn't even take the primary into account when determining a candidate. Screwy. I will still vote - there is a school levy that I want to pass.

Literary Feline said...

I voted by absentee ballot last week. :-)

I don't celebrate Mardi Gras or Lent. I was thinking though that you could always give up shoe shopping or something like that for Lent. ;-)

Jill said...

i passed off a $3 'coupon' for recycling soda cans today to the older lady buying groceries behind me. i figured she could use it.. i just gave it to the cashier, and said, use this for her.. and walked away...

The Rock Chick said...

I voted!!! Yes, let's spread goodwill for Lent! I never give anything up. We used to when we were little and then my mom encouraged us to give more of ourselves, volunteer, etc., instead of something basically useless like giving up chocolate or something.

Really enjoyed your post!!

Jannis said...

Hey CK! I am like Frigga, I love the process of politics! Last night (tuesday) my girlfriend and I went to Kansas's first caucus of super Tuesday..... the energy in the air was awesome. We had a giant snowstorm and people still came out by the 1000's.

Anonymous said...

I both give up something & try to do something pro-active for Lent. That way I sacrifice something (I should probably not do anyway!) & do something good.