Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pass It On - Part 2

Continuing with my Lentent Resolution to do good things each day. I didn't do as good a job this week of keeping track of the acts of goodwill I performed, but I did stay focused daily on carrying a positive attitude and relating with others with kindness in my heart.

2/11/08 - Many instances where I realized I was driving a lot more courteously, letting others go, not driving so fast, not cutting folks off (I tend to road rage a bit, so this is a vast improvement in my driving etiquette). Made it a point to wait patiently while someone crossed the grocery store parking lot to put away their carriage. At the register at the grocery store the person in front of me (an employee at the store) was short 5 cents and the cashier let it go, being promissed she'd get paid before she cashed out her drawer. She showed concern that her drawer would be off at the end of the night because he might forget. I gave her the 5 cents when it was my turn to pay.

2/12/08 - On the way to work, letting car cut in front of me. At work, not completely flipping out on dumb co-worker (trust me, this one was a TRUE act of good will, she deserved to get smacked, wasted 2 hours of my day on something completely unnecessary).

2/13/08 - Again, I actually can't recall any specific things, but know that several times throughout the day I made it a point to smile when someone was rude, and to let others go in front of me. OH, and I called a florist for my dad, to have flowers delivered for my mom. A nice thing to do considering I would NOT be getting any myself for Valentine's day.

2/14/08 - Valentine's Day, reached out to friends who I know don't enjoy the holiday because they spend it alone.

2/15/08 - I realize this will sound funny and not nice at all, but I managed to sincerely wish the cashier who rang up my lunch a "good day", even though she was perhaps one of the most unpleasent cashiers I have come across in recent history. I didn't even mumble anything rude under my breath. No really, I mean it. I also mailed out a book to a complete stranger again. Oh, and my boss got it in his head that he was going to throw out a perfectly good "bulk sized" box of sugar packets (noone really knows why), so I salvaged it, to donate to our church for the YMCA feeding of the homeless program.

2/16/08 - I spent most of the day helping a friend while she bought a new car. I was there for moral support, as well as to use my "legal" expertise in making sure she didn't get bamboozled. We spent HOURS at the dealership, but she needed me, and it was good to know I could help.

2/17/08 - Again spent the morning helping with the youth for the Sunday school program my uncle is heading up. Also, my brother very sweetly bought me a cup of coffee this morning from Dunkin' Donuts, but knowing he's unemployed I asked him if he wanted money for it and when he said yes, I gave him all them money I had in my wallet, instaed of just the $1.50 the coffee cost (I only had $5 in my wallet, but still).

Now, let me again that I am not listing these things for a pat on the back, or for any of those self-serving reasons. Listing these things here just remind me that I need to do more, and to be aware of how I Pass It On daily.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.

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qualcosa di bello said...

i am catching up after a short computre hiatus...& i must say that this post did the soul good!!! brava for you~~ your lenten journey is awesome & an inspiration to all of us!