Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You Asked for It - Part 3 - Hypothetically Speaking

A while back I participated in an interview meme, and from that grew the idea that I should let you, my readers, ask me questions that I could answer in future posts. I've had quite a few of those questions sitting in a file waiting to be answered, so, today, I answer some more.

The following are a collection of questions having to do with hypothetical situations.

Frigga asked:

If you never had to worry about money, how would you spend your time?

I already do a lot of the things that I would do if I never had to worry about money. I would just do them more often, and for longer periods of time. And I’ll tell you right now, I’m not one of those people who say that even if they didn’t have to work, they still would, because they would go crazy without working or some other b.s., screw that, if I didn’t have to work for need of money, you wouldn’t find me working ONE DAY. That is not to say, however, that I’d lounge around all day watching television and eating bon bons (does anyone really eat bon bons? What the hell are bon bons anyway?). How would I fill my days then? Well, there would be some television watching sure, because I really do enjoy my shows. But there would also be a lot more writing. I might even try my hand at freelancing and trying to get published in magazines or some such, because I’ve always wanted to do that. And I would travel. Oh, would I travel. There are so many places in the world I’d love to see before I die. If money weren’t an issue, I’d travel and then maybe write about the places I’ve traveled to. OH and pictures. Having discovered this new love of photography, I’d spend a whole lot of time taking pictures, and traveling places to take pictures. And I’d probably volunteer somewhere, because I truly do love the feeling you get when you help others. Maybe I’d take on another “little sister”, as mine is a teenager now and WAY too busy for me. (ask me about how many weekends in a row we’ve made plans that she’s cancelled because she was hanging out with friends, or sleeping, or whatever…ah, teenagers). OH, and here’s something you might not expect me to say…I’d spend my time being a mom. Because very honestly, the ONLY reason I have not begun planning for and starting the process of figuring out how I can adopt a child, is because I can’t even begin to pretend I could afford it. Not only the adoption, but single motherhood as well. Although not easy, I know I could handle being a single mother from the emotional, physical, and factual side of things. But financially? Yeah, that’s a whole other issue, isn’t it? So, you see...I could find a whole lot of things to do if money weren't an issue.

Frigga also asked:

If you could be famous and super talented in any of the performing arts, which would you choose?

This is a really easy one for me. Dance. Hands down, no question about it, dance. I always wanted to be a dancer, and to be able to do it professionally, and be well known for it would be such a bonus. Of course, dance alone does not make someone famous, you need to either marry a celebrity (a la Kevin Federline or Chris Judd who married J-Lo), or become a well known choreographer. Or, you hire some damn good record producers and put out an album of mediocre music that you balance out with amazing dance routines onstage. Yeah, that would be fun!

From Qualcosa di Bello:

On an absolutely perfect day what would you be doing? (go crazy...)

The “Go crazy” portion of this story leads me to assume that this is not a “realistic” absolute perfect day, it’s a perferct, perfect day…so…what would I be doing? It would start off by waking up to the sound of the ocean outside. But I don’t live by the ocean, you say? This is true, but on an absolutely perfect day, I’d be somewhere in the Caribbean, or some other tropical beach area. So, I wake up with the sounds and the smells of the ocean. The window is open, and I can feel the sea breeze. I lounge in bed for a while longer with a great book. Then I make my way to the beach, for a swim, and to lounge in the sun for a while. Someone hands me a little umbrella drink, and then my best friends join me for an afternoon of sunning and chatting. We drink, we laugh, we swim, we tan. Then we head in to get ready for lunch. After lunch, we go on an excursion, perhaps to do a little shopping, or maybe for some horseback riding, swimming with some dolphins, snorkeling? Then it’s back for showers and getting ready for a night out on the town. We have a dinner of luxurious tastes and flavors, and then hit a local hotspot for a little dancing. While dancing, I catch the eye of a sexy local, and we dance the night away. Maybe a stroll on the beach, and a kiss under the moonlight, and then we say goodnight. Ah, perfecto.

Or, I could just spend the day shopping in my local mall with one of my girlfriends, have lunch with my parents, dinner with another friend, and an evening on my couch, with a glass of wine, and a good movie. That’s pretty perfect too.

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qualcosa di bello said...

i like frigga's question &, of course, your answer. a long, long time ago i readjusted my life so that i was actually *living* it (or as you say...doing the things i would do...), but if i had no money worries, i too would be doing them more often/longer. this is a good litmust test for life satisfaction & it sure sounds like you passed!

bon bons? never saw one! are they chocolate, cause if they are, i would work that into my lifestyle!

i like your perfect day very much! i could not find a single imperfection in it whatsoever ;)...i hope that one day you get to live it!

Rebecca said...

Haha, I totally forgot I ever even asked those!!!

Bon Bons: ice cream, usually vanilla, in a bite size, and then covered in a hard chocolate shell - very yummy and a great summer treat!!!

And oh boy, reading about your perfect day almost allowed me to forget I was at work - I'm ready for the beach weather to come back!!!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Hey - thanks for linking up to your other questions, as I missed the one when you answered my question (in late Nov. when I was at staying at the hospital with my gram.)

I love your two versions of perfect days. One 'perfect' and one perfectly do-able.