Saturday, April 26, 2008

Photo Hunt #15 - Funny/Unique Signs

I wanted to run out and get photos of a sign I drive by occasionally when out shopping. Every week they change it to the funniest most random sayings. For example, a few weeks ago, it was something having to do with Diarrhea (seriously)...and I don't even know what the business is that puts these signs up, but they have nothing to do with diarrhea...random. However, I haven't had time to go there this past week, so instead I give you a few older ones that I've posted before on my blog.

This first one was on the wall of a restaurant in New York. I spiced the photo up a bit, and can't find the original, so you get this:

This next one is no longer there, but used to be at one of the LONGEST red lights in history, on the way to the local mall:

A close-up:
That's it, that's all I've got today. Go over to TNChick's for other hunters, an be sure to send her some love...she's having a tough time this week.


Unknown said...

LOL, I can well imagine how true it is! Great choice for the theme

Anonymous said...

Hmm, six months, eh? Sounds about right.

kitten said...

Very good choices! That last one is about true! lol!

Claudia said...

good job, love the last one

Pamela said...

I think everyone in our town read that about red lights -- people keep running them. It's scary.

Unknown said...

Those are both great. I'm digging Sinatra!

Karina said...

Jenty, thanks!

Toni, it does sound right, doesn't it?

Kitten, true and a bit

claudia, thanks!

pamela, there's one red light here in town that EVERYONE blows through and it's not the one this sign was at lol.

lisa, I'm partial to the sinatra one too.