Friday, April 25, 2008

Follow-Up Friday - Whew...I made it through the week...

Well, this was a crazy week here at Casa Karina. I wanted to try and keep blogging everyday, since I signed up for Blog 365 t the beginning of this year, an I just barely managed to do so this week. But I haven't missed a day yet. Not that that's saying much considering some of the content of my posts of late. But it's been helpful to me to disconnect from all the nuttyness that is my life currently and come in here and post for a bit.

For Saturday's Photo Hunt theme of Thirteen, I shared a photo of myself along with my Jr. High BFF, "B", at the tender age of 13. In all our feathered hair and bangs glory. I laughed so much when I found this photo a while back, that I was glad to have an opportunity to share it with you all. If you haven't laughed seen it yet, be sure to pop over.

I almost didn't participate in Fun Monday this week because I didn't think I could find the time, but I'm so glad I decided to post a "quickie" which turned into a great list of things, and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Wednesday I got a bit "deep" and spiritual with the help of Wayne Dyer...and that kind of made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

I didn't do a Thursday Thirteen yesterday either, so I just sort of "waxed poetic" (or not) about life in general.

I also sadly dropped out of NaPoWriMo on Creative Karina. I was doing so well with inspiration that I was writing a poem a day, and having great fun participating in National Poetry Writing Month, but the muse was seriously overcrowded in my brain this week, so she decided to take a vacation. Can't say that Iblame her.

I did, however, managed to do my American Idol recap at Cafe Karina, since reality television has been my "escape" for much of this week. Thank goodness for those crazy folks who put themselves on tv for or entertainment!

I have slowly, but surely, been catching up on visiting all my favorite bloggers, since I miss you all so much. I'm not quite caught up yet, but I'm getting there!

And in case you are wondering, the job search is moving along...slowly, but moving along. I've applied for quite a few jobs, and am hopeful that some phone calls and interviews will be forthcoming soon. I'm trying not to get discouraged every time the phone rings at it's someone I know (not someone offering me a job)...fingers crossed that'll change soon.

I'll be posting a "Unique/Funny Sign" for Photo Hunter tomorrow, and uh...does anyone know who's hosting Fun Monday next week? Cuz I have no idea, and I'd like to sign up.

Have a great weekend y'all!


kitten said...

I hear ya on busy!
FM's host is AOJ,
Take care!

Beckie said...

What is your name on Twitter - I searched for Candid Karina, but didn't find anything. I am Shambay.