Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Monday - Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Before we get into Fun Monday, I want to let you all know that Candid Mama has started blogging. That's right, my mom started her very own blog this weekend. Won't you go over to Rose's Garden and say hello?

Fun Monday this week is being hosted by Swampy. She has given us a bit of an alphabet lesson. We've been asked to "Choose a topic/theme and make an alphabetical list of words, phrases, photos...however you want to share your topic/theme."

That's it...those were all the rules we got. And since this was Swampy, who is well known for breaking all the Fun Monday rules anyway, she also said we could go ahead and bend the rules all we wanted. I've always been a goody two-shoes (who exactly came up with that term anyway?) and breaking rules is not something I do lightly, so I decided to give you the ABC's of a few of my favorite things:

A - Africa (I was born in Africa) and safari like things, like Animal print, here's what my bed looks like at the moment:

B - Betty Boop - I collect Betty Boop stuff, have been doing it since way before her stuff was EVERYWHERE.
C – Chocolate

Need I say more?

D – Dance

That's me in all my ballett glory when I was all of three or four years old.

E – eating out. I love eating out with friends.
F– family
G – giving. I really do get a great feeling out of giving small gifts to those I care about.
H– home. I love my home. Love coming home, love being home, love sharing my home with others.
I – Independence. My independence is something I'm quite proud of, and happy with.

J – jewelry. I have a bit of an addiction to costume jewelry...I'd probably have an addiction to "real" jewelry too, but I can't afford the pricey stuff, so the faux bling will have to suffice for now.

K – knowledge. Learning new things, educating myself.

L – laughter. 'Nuff said.

M – make-up. I'm one of those people that loves to play with make-up, and I buy make-up like it's going out of style. And yet, I mostly wear pretty subtle make-up...go figure.

N – nature
O – the Ocean

P – Poetry

Q – Quiet. there's something to be said for silence.

R – reading. Few things are as enjoyable as getting lost in a good book.

S – shopping - Admit it, you thought I'd say shoes, didn't you?

T – Tivo, what a fun little invention this is.

U – Underwear. Oh what? U's a tough letter, and choosing the word underwear will guarantee to get me some interesting blog hits, right?

V – Velvet. No, not the fabric, my new Crown-Tail Beta Fish:

W – That would be wine folks.

X – X-pressing myself - Like you could think of an X word?
Y – You, the people who read my blog, because what fun would it be if I were just writing all this for myself? I mean, I'd probably still do it, but you know...awkward!

Z –zoom, as in camera zoom, because without it, I wouldn't get shots like this:

That was fun. Be sure to head to Swampy's for the list of all the Fun Mondayers singing the alphabet this week, and don't forget to go say hi to Mama!


SwampAngel65 said...

You were born in Africa? Cool! I have an addiction to costunme jewelry, too, though I never wear it. In fact, I've pretty much given up wearing all jewelry since I gave birth to my son almost 4 years ago. He's rough and it would just end up broken or missing. One of these days I'll start wearing my stuff again!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific ABC list ! My, you spent a lot of time on it, too. Africa? How cool is that? What was your mom doing in Africa,?
Addiction to costume jewelry? I'm not sure 'addiction' covers it.
That last shot is phenomenal (sp?) you get the picture. No pun intended.
Thanks for playing the game and have a great week.

Pamela said...

another great read.
As for me who reads your blog (as in YOU) ... thanks for writing for me (:

Faye said...

This is an intriguing list Karina. I'm with you on the knowledge and independence thing. Thank goodness for zoom lens--loved the last photo. Now you've got me thinking about whether I could come up with an "all things that are important" list.

Unknown said...

Great list! I had no idea you wre born in Africa. Cool! Velvet is cute! That's a lot of jewelry. I like the photos thrown in. :) Nature is grand and zoom is grander.

Anonymous said...

You have a great list. I love, love, love that lion shot!

(This is Simply Jenn- I've been having problems with blogger lately)

Jill said...

i had no idea you were born in africa. i've always wanted a picture of you because you intrigue me so much. maybe its because we're alike, or maybe because we're so different. anyway, cool!

Jan said...

Very creative and informative.

Attie said...

I love your list!!!!!!!!! I think you have covered everything!!
Also thank you for your sweet words!! I was so worried Come take a look!!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Love the list and especially the photos! I too, was a Betty Boop fan long before all of her stuff was everywhere. My mom and me appliqued a BB quilt for my bed at college.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Brill list, and I said fish don't look good in velvet, but being called velvet is just fine. :D

Celeste said...

Everyone seems to be fascinated by the fact that you were born in Africa, as am I :)

A great list with some awesome pictures.

PS: There may be hope for your Toyota....they say they FINALLY found out what was wrong with my mower. I'll believe that if it is still working in 2 months!

Alison said...

wonderful and I share a few favorites1

Anonymous said...

We got our first experience of TiVo at Swampy's house last month. That IS a cool toy to have. Love the ballerina legs!!

Melanie said...

What a great list and I love how you used pictures too.

Gattina said...

What a nicely made up alphabet ! and it allows to know you better.

Peter said...

Very good post Karina.
Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

You need to go shopping first to get the shoes! I'm a jewelry and make-up nutso too. In fact I've had to start making my own jewelry so I can have more!

Kaytabug said...

Great list! I enjoyed learning more about you!! Fun!!

Karina said...

Swampangel, I was born in Africa, I'll have to elaborate on that in a future post, methinks!

Swampy, it was a fun one to do, thanks for hosting!

Pamela, you're welcome! ;-)

Faye, thanks. There were so many more things I could have added to the list, but I thought it was long enough as it was! ;-)

Lisa, I'll have to try and get a close-up of Velvet at some point.

Simply Jen, thank you, I love that lion shot too.

Lil'Mouse, I'm not a huge fan of pictures of me, but if you're really curious, do a bit of browsing here at the blog, I've posted some (very few, but some).

Jan, thanks.

Jettie, so glad to hear/read the good news!

hulagirl, don't you get kind of annoyed that BB is everywhere now? Kind of like "hey, I knew her first!" ;-)

Jo, Velvet will be glad to know that! ;-)

Celeste, unfortunately, my Toyota seems to be trying to tell me that it's getting tired...I'm not sure how much hope there is left for it. ;-)

Allison, thanks!

NLL, yes, Tivo is fun...ah yes, the ballerina legs! I thought I was so glamorous!

Melanie, thank you, I thought the pictures made it more fun.

Gattina, thank you.

Peter, still praying for your family! HUGS

Nikki, you so GET me! ;-)

Kaytabug, thanks!