Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pass It On - Part 4

Another week of Lent, another opportunity to do good and pass on the positive feelings.

Monday, February 25th - Started off the week in a wonderful mood, and extended my help to someone who may need it in the future. I made my telephone number available for her to call me whenever she feels the need.

Tuesday, February 26th - Received a telephone call from the local Fire Fighters Association, as I do every year, asking for donations. As much as I'd love to help, most years I say no, because I simly can't spare the money for every organization that calls and asks for it. I was on my way to my usual "No, I'm sorry, I can't help" when I remembered my decision to do for others. I pledged a mere $10, but every bit counts, and truly, what's $10 to me? A pair of shoes I don't need, another purse I have no place for in my closet, a martini I can do without.

Wednesday, February 27th - Thursday, February 28th - Two of those days when a specific good deed doesn't stand out to me, but I do know I continue on with my efforts to be pleasant to strangers, let others go in front of me in traffic, and not reacting negatively to my coworker's incessant need to whisper and gossip within my line of hearing.

Friday, February 29th - Gave a fish a home (hey, every one of God's creatures counts, right?) While at the pet store trying to select my fish, a poor guy standing next to me looked lost and confused, I offered a smile and started a conversation, and helped him by advising him on he finer points of raising Beta Fish. Small thing, but he was grateful, and left the store with a little he also gave a fish a home.

Saturday, March 1st - Had dinner with two of my college girlfriends that night. One of my girlfriends hates to drive at night, so I always make the trek, a bit out of my way, to pick her up and drive her to our dinners. Not a huge sacrifice, but with the price of gas nowadays, every extra mile is an extra hit in the wallet. Still, I know it takes quite a bit of stress away from her when she knows she does not need to drive, and she has enough stress in her life as it is. I'm glad to help.

Sunday, March 2nd - Is it considered a good deed when you benefit greatly by feeding your inner glutton? Stopped at a Girl Scout table today and bought a ox of cookies. Oh how I love those Samoas. Also, lent my internet access, and therefore my home office, desk and computer, to my friend Shopaholic, who needed it to complete some trainng for her new job. As I write this, she sits at my desk on my desktop, while I type away on my laptop. I had quite a bit of blog work I wanted to get done today, and a lot of that is more easily accomplished on my desktop than my laptop, but she needed it for work, so I gave her the more comfortable workspace. Hey, I'm lucky to have two computers at the moment, so I can't really complain, can I? Also, am about to go out to buy dinner for the both of us (because I've been too caught up in blog world to cook tonight), while I leave her to her training. That's what friends are for, right?

Another great week, one with a spiritual gift for me. How was your week?

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Joy T. said...

Another great week indeed. I love how you do the week in review!