Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring in New England - Follow-Up Friday

Well folks, it's Spring, or so they keep telling us...but I woke up this morning to the all too familiar sound of a snowplow outside my window. Ah yes, Spring in New England. Right now the snow has turned to some sleeting and we're expected to get more snow later on. Good times, good times. (Note heavy sarcasm please).

A note about comments: I once again replied to everyone's comments individually within the posts, so if you left me a comment that required a response, check in there...I did reply!

This week's Fun Monday was a fun one for sure...I learned my ABC's in all sorts of ways travelling around visiting others, and got to share a few of my favorite things in mine. This list was definitely not all inclusive, but I figured you had enough reading to do as it was. However, I did get quite a few surprised comments in regards to the revelation that I was born in Africa. I guess I owe you all the story of how that came to stay tuned, I will share part of it next week. Also, I want to thank those of you who've stopped by Candid Mama's brand new blog. You've made her feel very welcome to the blogosphere, and I'll have you know that she's quickly becoming as big an addict as we all already are. In fact, she'll be participating in next week's Fun Monday herself.

Tuesday I shared with you some Family Time moments. I really am blessed for the family I have, and am always happy to share them with you...thanks for your sweet comments.

On Wednesday I gave you some tidbits about the random Dream I had. But then, aren't dreams always random? I'm still trying to decipher why certain elements creeped into my sub-conscious, but hey, without those I would have missed a perfect opportunity for a funny blog entry.

Thursday Thirteen yesterday took an interesting turn for me. I was going to give you a list of things I don't do...silly things, such as I don't wear nylons with sandals and nobody ever should. But somehow, in the process, the list took a serious turn, and I wound up getting all introspective. That's the way it works I guess.

There was also a bit more poetry at Creative Karina, and the Idol recaps continue at Cafe Karina. Also, if you're wondering when your favorite shows are coming back, drop by the Cafe sometime this weekend...I will have a post up later on with some insider (not really) info. for you.

Coming up at Candid, tomorrow's Photo Hunt will have us feeling "High", I will dig into my African roots, and Fun Monday promises to be a Quotable one. Also, maybe, just maybe, if you're really good...I'll properly introduce you to Velvet, my new Beta Fish.


Tiggerlane said...

I am LOVIN' your Idol recaps!! OH...and I'm still working on completing your meme. I have one more to's been months...but I WILL finish!

Rebecca said...

I like it when bloggers respond to their comments.

But why not Hulk? Was your dream man more of a Rambo? ;-)

Happy Friday!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is one week when I really need the recap...I've been such a bad blogger. :P

Candid Mama? YOUR mama?? I'm off to find out.

qualcosa di bello said...

your momma's blog is just awesome!!! i'm playing major catch-up after that hiatus. i feel like i've missed so much.

Unknown said...

Have fun with that snow. I'm watching ours melt. :)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Velvet - what a great name for a Beta fish.