Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'll never tell - Thursday Thirteen #45

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We all have secrets. We all have moments when we wish we could speak what's in our hearts, our minds, but for one reason or another, we don't...we hold back, we refrain. Sometimes, i is to avoid hurting someone's feelings. Sometimes, it is because we are protecting our own interests. And yet other times, it may be because the words didn't occur to us until it was too late to speak them. Whatever the reasons, we are all carrying around our fair share of things left unsaid. I foundthis over at Bleeding Espresso (who got it from And You Know What Else) a few weeks ago, and I just knew I'd have to do it myself.

So, my Thursday Thirteen this week is a list of 13 Things I Haven't Said (at different times, to different people):

1. That day, right before you told me your good news, that you were getting married, I realized I wanted to be more than friends. I'll always wonder what if.

2. I think he's an asshole, and I can't wait until you leave him.

3. I wonder if your child might be autistic and misdiagnosed, but I don't know how to talk to you about it.

4. I still think about you, and miss you, and wonder if you found happiness with someone else, and I hope you did, but I don't ever want to know you did, because it would break my heart all over again.

5. I think you are a racist, ignorant bitch.

6. I'm not sure I could survive if I didn' have you in my life.

7. I miss you now that you're growing up and too busy to spend your weekends with me, and sometimes I wish you were that little 8 year old girl all over again.

8. Yes, sometimes, I'm scared.

9. I am so incredibly proud of you and the man you are today.

10. I'm a little envious of your life, your husband, your kids.

11. Sometimes, I think about calling you and telling you to come over, just for fun, just for old time's sake.

12. I'm not sorry we're not friends any more, you were selfish and greedy, and I'm better off without you.

13. If it was me, he'd never get away with speaking to me the way he does to you.

What haven't you said?


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Great, great list. I hope you feel a bit lighter as I did when I wrote mine out. In fact, I'm ready to write some more....

Anonymous said...

I think this is fantastic, and what a super idea!

Can I offer my opinion on one of those, though? The one about your friend with the possibly autistic child. Find a way to talk to her. It could be as simple as, "Have you noticed how autism is EVERYWHERE right now, on every news show and in every magazine? I heard that it's crucial to get these kids into the right therapy as soon as possible, because so much can still be done while they're little. Do you think it's possible ___ could be autistic?" I know it's hard for people to hear, but it could literally mean the difference between her child being able to TALK or not. Or leading a fairly typical life or not. Hell, send her an anonymous letter if you don't have it in you! Hopefully, if other folks are suspecting it, she is as well, and she's just processing it still before she'll be ready to pursue help. Hopefully she won't wait! :-)

Unknown said...

The list would be so long....maybe a topic to come for my own TT some day soon?
I need to think on it.
I just discovered family members found my blog and are reading it, including my father-in-law.

Beckie said...

I think this is a great list. I also saw it at Bleeding Expresso and loved it. I may have to do one.

lissa said...

All those things, I could never say either though I have none of the tough ones that you have listed.

I like your new look, though some of the link colors are hard to read.

I keep visiting your creative karina site but you seem to have stop writing. Maybe the inspiration has stuck or maybe you're just too busy. In any case, I hope you continue to write poems/fiction.

btw, I keep messing up the word verification so my comments might seem off at times.

Rebecca said...

Okay, the following you really should say: 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 - of course some of those will require more tact than others.

Great list!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great list. I can so relate to some of them...and know I really should force myself to say some of those...

Natalie said...

great list. i tend to speak faster than i think so my list would be 'things i said that i should not have said!'.

Unknown said...

How do you do this? No really, how do you come up with 13 things in a theme week after week? And how did you remember all those thoughts never spoken? Lotta good ones though. :)

Anonymous said...

Go on, say #5! She obviously deserves it.

Rims said...

Yeah lemme be too candid...I really loved the list...I wish I could really go ahead and speak myself...but its better to be tactful than truthful is what I have been taught to...

Happy TT!