Friday, March 07, 2008

Say It Like You Mean It - Follow Up Friday

There were a few changes here at Candid Karina this week, a new header, a new look, and a whole new blog too!

I kicked off this week with an incredibly FUN Monday. How much fun was it to write our own proposals for the movie of our life story and get to cast the roles as well? I enjoyed writing mine almost as much as I enjoyed going around to read everyone else's. And this week I actually managed to visit almost everyone on the list! Everyone seemed to love that I cast Marisa Tomei as myself, and I have to tell you, I really wish she did more movies, because I love her as an actress. Karmyn mentioned that she was glad I didn't chose Sarah Jessica Parker, and I had to laugh, because I actually considered her...for a milisecond. But only because out of all the Sex And The City characters, I'd have to say I'd be Carrie for sure. SJP really isn't me in any way, shape or form, so it didn't fit.

On Tuesday, I had a lot of fun creating and then handing out my very own blog award. If you haven't seen the Candids yet, please stop by and check them out, and do go visit the winners, they're all wonderful.

Wednesday I had a little fun with my Boston Accent here at Candid Karina, but I also launched my new pop culture blog, Cafe Karina with this week's American Idol recaps. I'll be using that blog for all things pop culture, from commentary on television shows I watch, to movie and book reviews, to even bits and pieces of my opinions on celebrity gossip. It won't be a celeb gossip blog though, just my thoughts.

My Thursday Thirteen this week took a bit of a serious (and almost negative) turn, without my even noticing it. I did a "Things I Haven't Said" list, and rereading it today, I realize that some of those sounded pretty bitter and negative. Guess that means I choose to hold in hurtful words instead of spilling them out, overall, right? That's not all bad, is it? I did want to say something about some of the things I said, and especially one of the comments I received. Laura gave me some wonderful words about my situation with my friend's child. There was some great advice there that I most likely will follow, depending on how things pan out in the next few months. Her child is in the midst of evaluations, and therapies, and seeing all sorts of experts, so I think it might still be too early for me to "play doctor". I don't know the extent of what she knows, or suspects, to be honest, so that is why I have held back from bringing my suspicions up. Yet. But as I learn more, and speak with her more, I'll know better if there is something to my uneducated suspicions, you know? A very touchy situation, that I'm trying to handle with care at the time. But thank you so much for your comment.

Lissa commented on the fact that I haven't been posting over at Creative Karina very much (at all) lately. I really have been SO BUSY that I just haven't found the time or energy to be creative, but Lissa, head on over there today, I posted something for Pensieve's Poetic License.

Frigga said I should really say...well, just about everything on my list! And I sort of agree with you on this girl, for most of those you mentioned anyway. And some of them (3, 6, 7,9) , I know I will say, or have said in smaller ways, but not as straightforward. Others, I know I will not, cannot say, not yet anyway. As for number 11 on the list? Ah, if only, but even if I decided I wanted to actually say it, I wouldn't even know where to find him now. But then I'm not so sure I'd want to...some things are better left in the past, you know?

Still, this list was actually very therapeutic to write, and gave me some food for thought about the power of words, and how sometimes, we should let those words come out. Even if they come out with a Boston accent.

This weekend I'll be celebrating my upcoming birthday with some friends, and with family, stalking Bon Jovi and Daughtry tomorrow at Mohegan Sun(damn it I never did win those tickets), and hopefully taking some pictures.

Next week's Fun Monday looks to be a fun one, and also happens to fall right on my birthday, so hopefully I'll find the time to post. I've been tagged for a few meme's that I believe I might post Tuesday and/or Wednesday, and I hope to have some pictures to share on Thursday's Thirteen.

Oh yes, and there's a bloggy party going on that I plan on participating in, but I can't get the hosting blog to work for me right now, so I'll have to check that out later.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, what do you have planned?


Rebecca said...

Hehe, I like your title - and you're very right about the power of words - use them wisely! :-)

Happy Friday!!! :-)

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday ---