Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Blessings

This: is the view outside my window today. This is a beautiful thing, because THIS:

was the view outside my window on Friday. That's right TWO days ago. Today it is in the mid-40's and it feels like a beautiful Spring day. Yes, I know, for some of you the mid-40's is enough reason to break out the hats and gloves, but for those of us in New England, it is reason to head out without even a jacket on. In fact, I don't doubt I'll see some fool out there with short on sometime today.

So, the sun is shining, I'm sitting in my living room with my balcony door open, allowing the cool fresh air to air out my condo, and listening to the sound of birds chirping and enjoying the day. And to make it an even better day, I'm just about to head out to lunch with Lil'K, who I have not seen since Christmas. Now that she's a teenager, we spend less and less time together, which I understand and accept, but I still miss her, and always look forward to seeing her. My phone call this morning was met with an exhuberant "HI!" which lets me know she also misses me.

Small blessings.

I hope you have a wonderful day, I know I am.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

What a gorgeous Sunday all around! Enjoy :)

Pamela said...

It snowed here this morning.
The birds are devouring the feeder supply.

Rose said...

It's funny how what may seem so small makes your day!
I was very happy to see Lil"K also, thanks for bringing her over.
Nice pix of before and after.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Have a lovely time with Li'l K.

qualcosa di bello said...

your view is truly beautiful! do you really want to know what coastal north carolinians where when the mercury says 40's??

kitten said...

It's the simple things that give us most pleasure!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

We're having the exact same weather in Nova Scotia, Karina. I feel your pain. I had to shovel for an hour on Saturday.

Unknown said...

Yeah that snow thing is gettin kinda old. :) Sunshine come on down. :)