Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a zoo out there -Thursday Thirteen

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On Monday, for my birthday, I decided I wanted to do something different. So, along with my mom and my brother, I went to the zoo, for some picture taking. The three of us had a fantastic time, and saw things you only ever read about. Seriously, some of the stuff we caught (some even on camera) is the stuff you find on YouTube. In fact, I haven't had time this week, but one of the videos I shot I will be sharing with all of you very soon...I just haven't had time to edit it down to something I can present yet, but you will want to come back for that (don't you just hate when I tease you like this?)

In the meantime, I give you 13 photos I took at the zoo:

This guy was such a ham for the camera!

This baby zebra was born on February 8th this year.

Boy, was this lion EVER tracking us with his eyes while we walked around his enclosure.
This little guy gave us quite the acrobatic performance.

Staring me down.

And my favorite (my brother became fast friends with this guy):

There you have it. I have tons more photos from this visit to the zoo, and I'll be posting more in the weeks to come, stay tuned.


Rebecca said...

Awesome, those are great and I can't pick a favorite... It's either the zebra or the lion, maybe the tiger, but could be the monkeys. I so need to copy you and go to my zoo and take pictures - that would be fun!

Happy TT :-)

Unknown said...

Love the pictures I want to get to the zoo this summer, it has been a few years since we went.
Happy TT13

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I LOVE the expressions on your brother's and the gorilla's faces. Your brother is thinking, 'Wow - this guy is powerful.' The gorilla is thinking, 'Wow - this guy has no fur...'

I love the picture of the vulture - definitely don't see them very often. Interesting feathers.

Unknown said...

I love your zoo pics! And that zebra was born on my birthday. :) What a nice little present. :)

Your brother looks like he made quick friends, did his new friend come home with him?

Karina said...

Frigga, yep, that's pretty much how I felt about the photos, I had a hard time picking a favorite. And I still have about 150 more (yes, I took WAY too many).

Mama Bear, I hadn't been in at least 8 years, so it was so much fun. I plan to go back when the weather is warmer, because some of the exhibits were closed due to the cold (the giraffes, for example).

Julia, my brother was cracking me up, because there was only glass between him and that gorilla, and I was kind of freaked out when he was looking him in the eye!

Lisa, thanks. And uh, no, his little friend was left behind in his nice little enclosure. And when I post the video we got of him, you'll see why exactly that was a VERY good thing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

Pamela said...

I had to open this in Interent Explorer to see all the pictures.
In Firefox, some of them were off the screen.

A day at the zoo, I think I'm going to put that on my to do list for my next visit with grandkids