Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All the good ones are taken

OR Candid Karina gets shut down.

Let me set this up for you. My condo complex has two buildings. Building A where I live, and Building B across the way. Once a year we have a "Condo Meeting" to go over budget, condo fees, and any other issues owners want to discuss (and gripe and bitch and moan about, nonstop for two hours). There are four Board members and the representative from the Condo Management company who chair this meeting. I go to the meeting every year, find out whether or not my condo fee is increasing, listen to some of the bitching and moaning, make my ONE yearly complaint about the dink who lives upstairs from me, and parks next to me, who never moves his car in a snowstorm when the plow comes, therefore causing my parking space to never be plowed clean, and then I go home.

But at this meeting every year, I also have a bit of a flirtation going with one of the board members, Fred. Fred is good looking guy, funny, smart, and we hit it off at the first meeting I ever went to. Since then, every year, we tend to joke a bit with each other at the meeting, and flirt a bit, but that's it. He lives in building B, and I only ever see him once a year, at these meetings.

So, last night, he was there, and we did our flirtatious bit, and then I decided that this year I would stick around at the end of the meeting, and see if I couldn't find out what his situation is, because, I actually like this guy, he's a good guy. I know he's not married, and I know he has a daughter, but that's about all I know about him, besides the fact that we seem to hit it off and sort of "connect" on some level.

After the meeting, I walked over to him and he gave me a hug. A HUG.

Interesting, right?

So we chat for a bit, about the condo stuff, and then he shares with me the reason he no longer has a listed phone number (this came up when residents were asking for his number for complaints and stuff) and he reveals that his ex-girlfriend was stalking him, so he had to get a restraining order against her, and change his phone number (fun stuff). And I'm thinking "Okay, ex-girlfriend...heading in the right direction here".

AND then he drops it...he makes some comment about his new girlfriend.


All the good ones ARE taken.


Beckie said...

Damn is right

Anonymous said...

I love reading your stories - I don't know if you would call them stories. Alway an interesting read. Sounds to me like you're better off - I mean an ex-girlfriend stalking him?

Rebecca said...

No, don't say that! Many of the good ones are taken because they're good - but trust me, there's lots and lots and plenty and then some more of the really good ones just waiting for you to meet them (and me too!) ;-)

Oh, and as for being a *new* girlfriend, it could be that he's the one for you and you'll just have to wait until the timing is better.

Okay, now I'm being so optimistic that I'm making myself sick! 8-\

Happy Wednesday :P

Wicked H said...

His LOSS sweetie!!!

Unknown said...

Damn - you waited this long and . . . well, maybe she'll be a temp, you should check back with him next year. :)

Rebecca said...

BTW - I picked you in my TT this week as a "favorite" but you have to come to to find out why. :P