Saturday, November 24, 2007

So I lied...

Okay, not lied exactly, but I won't be getting to Friday Follow-up or even Saturday Follow-up this weekend. It's a busy weekend with all kinds of activity, so Follow-up will probably hold off until next Friday...I'll just do double duty.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun with the family this year, and somehow, in keeping with what's been going on with my life lately, there was quite a bit of reminiscing going on. My cousin even dug out a box of old things from our teen years, inlcuding all her New Kids on the Block paraphenelia...that led to quite a few laughs, I'll tell you. There was also a book of "fashion designs" that my cousins and I drew and created...hours upon hours were spent drawing these fashions, and going through those was a riot. Boy, were we living in the 80's! I'll be scanning some of those to share in the future...but I left the book at my aunt's house, so need to go pick it up sometime this weekend.

Shopping yesterday was an adventure, but some of the deals I got made it well worth the efforts. We even managed to get prime parking spaces everywhere we went, so the shopping gods were with us overall. Unfortunately (or fortunately as it may be), Black Friday shopping with Shoppaholic and I, always consists of the two for me, one for you variety of shopping. I spent quite a bit of money, but only walked away with three Christmas gifts. At least I got some great deals on items that have been on my "must get" list for a while now.

Today I will be spending the day with my friend "The Traveler" who is in town for the holiday from Florida. We are heading up to a hockey game tonight at UNH, and it should be a great time.

Tomorrow will be about family again, part 2 of Thanksgiving, as mom likes to make her own turkey, with her signature stuffing, and we NEVER miss that.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend so far.

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Beckie said...

It sounds like you found some good deals shopping!

Enjoy that turkey....I don't want to see turkey again for a very long time.