Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #30

Eye Candy Time!!! I've previously given you my opinion of the 13 Sexiest Men in Music, and the 13 Sexiest Men in Movies. This week, I give you my picks for 13 of the Sexiest Men in Television.
I'll tell you right now, this one was much tougher to narrow down to 13 for me. I watch quite a bit of television, and hotties abound on the small screen. So, I might just call this Part 1, and focus on the guys on the shows I actually watch. Also, no reality t.v. here..strictly scripted television shows for this one. In no particular order:
1. Wentworth Miller - Michael Scoffield - Prison Break:

I actually found him a lot sexier in previous seasons, but he's still on my list of hotties.

2. Milo Ventimiglia - Peter - Heroes:

I first realized he was hot when he appeared in Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry video, and this season? Whooo Peter's a hottie!

3. David Andrews - Kensei/Adam - Heroes

Holy crap, where did this guy come from? HOT!

And one more Heroes guy...there's an abundance really on that show:

4. Jimmy Jean-Louis - The Haitian - Heroes:

He's kind of the smooth, silent, sexy type.
5. David Boreanaz - Seely Booth - Bones:

Ah Angel, how I missed you so. What makes him even sexier, in my eyes, is that he's funny too. I love how quirky his character is, miles away from the gloom and doom of Angel.

6. Taye Diggs - Sam Bennett - Grey's Anatomy:

Really, I would watch pretty much any television show if Taye Diggs is in it. And after last night's episode? Sigh...

7. Will Yun Lee - Jae Huang - Bionic Woman:

There's just something very sexy about this man. I think it's the chiseled cheek bones.

8. Justin Chambers - Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy:

Forget McDreamy (I really don't like him) or McSteamy...I'll take McAlex please! I just love him.


9. Eric Dane - McSteamy - Grey's Anatomy:

Yeah...I wouldn't exactly kick him out of bed...

10. David Conrad - Jim Gordon - Ghost Whisperer

I'm not entirely sure if it's the actor I find sexy, or just the character he plays...I mean, man, that's the kind of husband I want...the stuff he does for his Ghost Whispering wife! Sheesh!

11. Scott Elrod - Cash - Men in Trees:

Marin's all hung up on Jack and she's got THIS GUY walking around naked in her house...uh, hello??
12. Donnie Wahlberg - Horst Cali - The Kill Point:

I'm sort of cheating a little bit on this one, because the Kill Point was a miniseries on Spike TV, that may or may not come technically Donnie is not currently ON's Donnie...I had to get him on ONE of these lists, because I have a special place in my heart for him.

13. Skeet Ulrich - Jake Green - Jericho:

Whatever...I always thought he was cute, and now he's all grown up, and kind of sexy. So sue me.

So, as before, these are just my opinion, and just from the shows I watch regularly. Give me yours...who did I miss?

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jenn said...

Here's not a hottie, but Bobby Flay (iron chef, barbque master) is a cutie pie!
Happy tt!

jayedee said...

you forgot the oldies but goodies!

sam elliot, denzel washington, sean connery.

and how about that new kid that's gonna play spock in the new star trek movie? whats his name?

great list, happy tt!

Jill said...

sigh. yup i have to admit, some of those guys really are cute. i'm having issues with having dreams about guys on tv. does that mean i watch too much tv? and so far its the all american cutie that snags my dreaming attention. although to be fair my husband had a dream about a chica that served as the take out girl from the mexican restaurant we used to go to. so far neither of us has been "unfaithful" in our dreams. we keep saying "but i'm married" and waking up. odd, hmm?

Raggedy said...

I think I know the Father of #13 if it is Robert. I don't watch tele so I don't recognize any of them.

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Rebecca said...

I think my favorite of themn all was that Justin guy - although with the exception of 1 or 2 I don't have a clue who these hunks are :P

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Ooo, Ooo - Eric Dane! Eric Dane!

Anonymous said...

Love Skeet Ulrich. He is my pick! He is sexy in the character of Jake Green, and sexy in real life. Such a great dad and gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but when is the eye candy going to start?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but when is the eye candy going to start?