Friday, November 16, 2007

Follow-Up Friday - The one where I revisit my past

Well, this was a week of memories, good and bad. A lot of looking back, and looking in.

It started Saturday with some random Observations. I still want to be Samantha Brown in my next life. But now, I also want to be Heidi Klum. She was on Ellen this week, and while watching her on there I decided that she's be a good choice to come back as, as well. For starters, she is GORGEOUS...I mean, seriously...look at her. But then, she's also funny as hell. Seriously, funny in that "I'm not working hard at being funny, I'm just smart enough that I can be funny without really trying". And yeah, then there's that, she's smart too. And a savy business woman. She has a great career. Seems like a nice person. AND she's married to Seal. Seal! The guy sings to her regularly. And they have gorgeous kids. So yeah, if not Samantha Brown....Heidi Klum will work too.

On Sunday I showed you my new boots. I was surprised at the comments I received from those of you (Beckie, Laurie, Lisa) who said you wouldn't be able to walk in those heels. Really? I'm surprised because as far as my heels go...I almost didn't buy these boots because the heel wasn't high enough. Jannis commented on not being able to wear them because of "fat calves" (her words, not mine)...Jannis, these might actually work for you...they're slouchy boots, so not so tight around the calves. And I actually have some pretty muscular calves, so I have a hard time with fitting in some boots too...these were easy though. And Junebug commented that she has the opposite problem...her calves are too skinny. Well, again, these would be the perfect boots, because they're slouchy, so if they sag a bit...that's the style anyway. See, I'll solve all the world's shoe problems.

Fun Monday this week was a little game of Mother May I. After trying not to walk into walls, and dodging my shady neighbor, I managed some photos. Sauntering Soul said "I always tell myself that living in a small space prevents me from accumulating too much stuff. But that isn't true". Boy, do I hear you on that. I always wonder how I'd manage if I lived with anyone else...I'm out of closet space as it is. Jenni told a crazy story about a crazy neighbor of her own...What is it about these guys? I got a little bit of grief from a few of you for not getting a picture of my crazy neighbor. (Chrisb, Tiggerlane, Karmyn, Blue Momma, Pamela)...I'm very sorry ladies to have disappointed you. Truly, I am. But see...he's creepy. And taking a picture of him would have probably have led to some sort of conversation, or to him thinking I was interested (thus why I was photographing him) and even for the sake of blogging, I just couldn't take that risk. However, I blog for you, and I'm always aiming to give you what you ask for, so next time I see him outside smoking in his pj's, I promise to try and sneak a photo. Maybe...possibly...probably not.

What I will do for you all however, is tell you all my stories of loves past. See how I bare it all here for you? On Tuesday, I told you all about Cognac. Well, not all of it...part two of our relationship is yet to come. About my "fading light" next to Cognacs brighter one, Frigga said: "I really enjoy the company of that type of man, but I can understand the confidence issues that it brings". The thing is that normally, I really enjoy the company of that type of man too, and usually, with someone that confident, I only feel even more confident and determined, and challenged. I've never been able to figure out why it was different with Cognac. All I can figure is, it just wasn't meant to be between us obviously. Qualcosa di Bello said "in spite of how you felt/acted around him, your blog words exude a confidence right now. your attitude is terrific". Well, thank you, but I think it is perhaps BECAUSE of how I felt/acted around him, that I now exude this confidence. You live and you learn, you know?

In my Wordless Wednesday I shared with you a bottle of wine I discovered recently. Bitch, it is called. I bought this wine because I thought it was hillarious. I plan on buying some to give as gifts this Christmas to a select few friends who will get the joke. In terms of flavor? I'm actually not much of a red wine drinker, it's a world I'm easing myself into. This was a "Barossa Grenache" whatever that is...anyone know? Anyway, it's pretty decent. I can't tell you in "wine" language what it tastes like, because I'm really not well versed in it yet...I'm working on it.

Also on Wednesday, I posed a question of sorts about Censorship on the radio of Nickelback's song "Rockstar". I'm still annoyed everytime I hear it, not solely because of the parts that are censored, but because of the parts that are not. I'll be the first to tell you that I listen to music for entertainment, not for some sort of "life lesson", so to me, if a song appeals to me, I listen to it, if it doesn't, I change the station. Many times I've been in my car with "LilK" and a song will come on and I'll change the station because I feel it's inappropriate for her to listen to. Of course, I know she's listening to these songs when I'm not there, but hey, I can only control what she does when I am there. Besides, a lot of times, it's more because I'm embarrassed hearing or singing along with some of the lyrics with her in the car. But it's the self-censorship that Jennifer talked about, and I'm okay with that. We've all got to make our own decisions. My bigger issue is with censoring certain things, and not others. Particularly, censoring the word "drugs", but not the "we'll all stay skinny cuz we just won't eat" line. Now, let me clarify, I'm not advocating drug use, but my perception of this song is that neither is Nickelback (not in this song at least), just like they're not advocating annorexia, I really see the song as tongue in cheek. But, if the censors are so offended by the use of the word "drug", shouldn't they be equally offended by a line about annorexia? Anyway, I'm off on my tangent about this song again, because this really annoys me. So I'll stop here. Check out the post and the comments if you want to hear more about what everyone had to say...they all made some really good points.

My Thursday Thirteen got a bit buried this week, due to my second post that same day...and it's a shame too, because I shared with you some great eye candy of some of my picks for the sexiest men in television. So, have a looksie!

But, the post that overshadowed my TT couldn't wait for another day. If you missed it, you must read the story of a guy I knew in college, who has now been accused of rape. Seriously, I can hardly believe it myself, and am glad I have the blog as an outlet to share it with others, because I'm pretty sure my friends are sick of hearing me say "wow, I just can't believe it".

Before I learned of this story, I had been working on a post about my very first boyfriend/first kiss, so I'll have that for you perhaps sometime this weekend. I'm also working on answers to some of those questions I asked you all to ask of me...stay tuned for some of those next week.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be posting during the weekend per NaBloPoMo, and I'll be giving my NaNovel one last try before I decide whether or not the big "crash" really did throw my momentum off completely...I've had a hard time getting back into it, we'll see what happens this weekend.


Rebecca said...

I'm glad to hear your mom was only joking about dating that guy!!! As for your NaNovel - you only loose momentum if you tell yourself you did... But what do I know, I'm not trying to write that many words everday ;-0

Happy Friday!!! :P

ANA said...

Tag, You're it!