Saturday, November 10, 2007


In my next life, I want to be Samantha Brown.

I discovered (okay, actually Tivo discovered) Samantha Brown: Passport to Europe a few years ago. Since then I have watched every episode of that show. This year, I found out about Passport ot Latin America. As someone who was bit by the travel bug several years ago, I eat up travel shoes like they're sustenance. I love to see faraway places, hear about unique cuisines, and dream about places one I day I'll travel to. In my opinion Samanth Brown has one of the greatest jobs ever. Her job is to travel the world, experience the local cuisines, the local tourist attractions, and the behind the scenes stuff that only someone with connections can get to. I watch every episode, and at the end of every episode I repeat the above. In my next life, I want to be Samantha Brown. I'm just saying.

I've recently told you that I got a new cell phone, a Fusic by LG. I love this phone. It has all sorts of features, from being an MP3 player, FM transmitter, to having GPS, to a camera, to all sorts of things. I love gadgets, so I love my phone. But I picked this phone, plain and simple, because out of the phones I could get with the features I wanted, this one was free. Sweet, right? I'd never even heard of this phone until I got it, but since then, I've found out that several people have the same phone, including our fearless SheWhoBlogs leader, Frances. But, you know you've really arrived when your cell phone is on Ugly Betty. This week, Betty's nephew Justin was following the big wedding on television via his cell phone. His phone? The Fusic. Yeah, I'm cool like that. hahaha

Let's talk about turn signals...blinkers as we call them here in New England. The other extinct species. Folks, here's my public service announcement. When car manufacturers made your car, whether you're driving a lexus or a hooptie, they installed these quirky things they call turn signals. It's really a genius invention. When you are planning on taking a turn, you flick a little wand, and the lights flash on and off. This way, drivers on the road with you, know that you are going to be taking a turn. Simple? Very. In fact, they even put that little wand right on the steering wheel, so you don't even have to reach for's RIGHT THERE. Using this little switch, you alert other drivers as to why exactly it is that you are coming to a dead stop in the middle of a perfectly good street. You leave no questions as to why you suddenly slammed on your breaks and just stopped. Why must such a simple thing seem so complicated? DOES NOONE use blinkers around here? Good grief. Yesterday on my way to work I got caught behind no less than FOUR drivers who just didn't realize what those little wands on their steering wheels were for. I'm just here to educate's called a turn signal...use it.
That's all. I'm done. I've got a novel to write. Have a good weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I have a great saturday afternoon planned! I start off with a full body massage, manicure/pedicure, then a nice glass of wine at the restaurant down stairs! The restaurant has the best Chicken parmigiana I have ever had! Its a small family owned place! Why do the small places have the best food! UGH!

Have a great weekend!


Jannis said...

I love Samatha Brown! Do you ever watch the travel show on PBS Lonley Planet or Globetreker? Its wonderful. Rick Steves also has a couple of Portugal dvd's that we like so much we bought them

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Maybe you won't have to wait until your next life to be Samantha Brown. Maybe you'll have to jet around, doing book signings and whatnot.

Sauntering Soul said...

I also love Samantha Brown. And I also love when people use their turn signals.

Great post!

Unknown said...

Love the phone and I'm with on people using blinkers. Dang 'em.