Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun Monday - Mother May I?

Fun Monday this week is being hosted by Hootin' Anni. She's all about games this week, so here's the assignment:

Start at your computer and take 30 GIANT STEPS - IN ANY direction. You may have to make a few turns and pivots so you won't run into any walls or such...don't want any injuries today! WARNING: Avoid any obstacles in the way- if there's a it & continue, if there is a wall...pivot AROUND it. You may end up outdoors! Or perhaps if a small apartment....down the hallway....who knows?!! :::thinking::: "Oh gawd, if there's a pool at the end of your thirty steps, I sure as H E double L hope you can swim!!!!"After the 30 giant steps, Stop!TAKE A PHOTO AND/OR NOTE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING!!Then, take 15 baby steps back.After the 15 baby steps, Stop!TAKE A PHOTO AND/OR NOTE WHAT YOU'RE SEEINGLOOK in any direction -to your right, left, up [more than likely, not down ---that'd be your feet!!]. What you see is what we get!!Stop!It's all about your first glance after the giant/baby steps!!! [You will have two photos/stories for us- the 30 giant steps then, the 15 baby steps going back]Don't forget---ask "Mother may I"!!
So, here's my disclaimer...I live in a condo complex...with lots of neighbors. Because I live in a condo complex...with lots of neighbors, taking 30 giant steps outside and stopping to take pictures, then taking 15 baby steps and repeating the same...without being seen by at least one of my neighbors is unlikely. And when I attempted to sneak some pictures today, I found my crazy neighbor who has a crush on me, standing outside in his pajamas smoking a cigarrette...I ran inside as quickly as possible, and decided to go with plan b.

But, my condo is 850 square feet. Don't feel badly for me, I love my condo, it's my home, and I'm perfectly happy in my little 850 square feet. Also, whoever designed this place was a master at space planning, because most of my rooms are larger than average. Therefore, it's not the size that counts, right? But, why am I telling you all this? Because taking 30 giant steps had me basically walking in circles around my apartment. I should have gotten it on video, it would have been a truly Fun Monday for all of you then. I started on my couch, where my laptop computer resides pretty much everyday, unless I have company. I took a right, then another right into my hallway, a left into my bedroom, looped around the bed, back out of the bedroom, down the hall, into my office, and wound up here:

One of two maps I have hanging on the wall of my office. This one, of the world. A slight turn to my right, and I have this:
A map of the U.S. Also visible, a graduation cap from high school, along with my picture receiving my diploma. And that mess in the corner...the beginnings of my desk.
This desk:
Now that you've had a bit of a tour of my office, let's take 15 babysteps back:
Afraid there's not much to see here. This is the view from the door of my office, into my hallway. Hey, I have a carbon monoxide detector. Since there's really nothing to see here I decided to show you the view new boots:

(I posted a better picture of my boots here yesterday, if you're interested).

And there you have it. Make sure to go to Hootin' Anni's to check out other participants, and Karisma is hosting next week...head on over to sign up and see what she has in store for us.


Sauntering Soul said...

Wow, lucky you! Your place is a whopping 100 square feet larger than mine! I had to stand in the middle of my street taking photos and in my back yard for an alternative view.

I always tell myself that living in a small place prevents me from accumulating too much stuff. But that isn't true. I'm busting at the seams.

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness!!! YOu really went to a lot of trouble! ---Thank god your neighbor had pajamas on!! I would've been freaked out.

Rebecca said...

That sounds like fun - almost makes me want to join Fun Monday!! ;-)

Jenni said...

I knew a family of 7 that lived in a house the size of your condo. That's a pretty good size for one person.

I got a kick out of the bit about your crazy neighbor. I had a crazy neighbor like that the year between high school and getting married when I lived in a studio apartment. I worked in a building with a window that looked directly across the parking lot to my apartment. One day an unusual looking man in a turban and robe put a grocery sack with something large in it on my door knob as my co-workers and I watched in horror from the office window. We were sure it was a bomb or something, but it was only some guy delivering a silk flower arrangement from my crazy neighbor who would not believe I was engaged. Gee, that was a fun trip down memory lane:o)

ChrisB said...

You should have got a photo before you ran inside!

Cool boots.

Sandy said...

Great job under difficult circumstances!

Unknown said...

OOH! I love your boots. And, kudos on avoiding the creepy neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Nice maps.
HOT boots!
Sending bloglove your way from NYC,

Unknown said...

Love the idea of maps on the wall. :) Your desk looks about as good as mine. :)

MaR said...

I love maps, I love yours on the wall! and your boots are cool :)
What a Fun Monday (I played for the first time !)

Tiggerlane said...


I am REALLY disappointed that you didn't post photos of the cigarette-smoking neighbor. I feel cheated.

I'm coming to steal a tree.

Anonymous said...

Cool boots - but come one, taking a picture of the crazy pajama neighbor is what we REALLY want to see! heh heh

Sayre said...

NIce boots - I'll bet Min is jealous. She took a picture of her neighbor getting into the shower - you COULD have shown us your's in his jammies...

Anonymous said...

You should definitely have gotten a shot of the crazy neighbor!

And we need some maps for our Punkin as he's starting to ask which country each animal comes from. Never too early for a geography lesson!

Robin M said...

Great shots. Gave me memories of many eons ago when I was single and living in an townhouse of approximately that size. I would have been running in circles as well.
Happy Fun Monday.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Pamela said...

oh you should SO have photographed your jammy smokin neighbor!!!