Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #31

Well, it's Thanksgiving Day, so of course, today's Thursday Thirteen will be a list of just 13 of the many many things I am thankful for this year. (I apologize in advance for the way everything is pushed together, for some reason Blogger will NOT allow me to enter spaces between numbered entries today, I've tried 5 times now...I give up).
1. My family. I am blessed with the most wonderful family a girl could ask for. From my mother, who is without doubt my best friend, to my father, who is the gentlest and silliest dad out there. My little brother, who is growing up into an exceptional man, my grandfather, who I'm still blessed to have in my life. And my extended family as well, uncle and aunt, cousins, their kids, and Lil'K, my "little" sister.
2. My friends. I consider my friends to be part of my family as well, and I have through the years formed some very sisterly bonds with my girlfriends. Shopaholic, Double D, The Traveler, BFF especially, but so many others that bless me throughout the year with their friendship and company.
3. My internet connection. Seems like a strange thing to be thankful for, but through the internet I've made some incredible friendships. The sort of connections that only fellow users of the web can understand. From California, to New York, Texas to Virginia, and even folks across the pond, have become folks I consider friends, even if I may have never laid eyes on their face. I'm grateful for that.
4. My job. I may have my moments at The Firm, but overall, I'm lucky for the job I have. I have a boss that actually values my work, I get to use my brain daily, and I get a decent paycheck at the end of the week. And in the process, I'm actually doing work that matters, interacting with clients and helping them maneuver the difficult times in their lives. After some other jobs I've had, I'm really grateful to have landed where I am.
5. My home. Being able to buy my own place in my 20's was an amazingly satisfying feat. Being able to maintain it, pay for it, and enjoy it all these years is a blessing. I still get a sense of accomplishment and pride whenever I walk in my front door, and for that, I'm grateful.
6. My health. Obvious, and not much else needs to be said, I'm grateful to get up every morning and enjoy the day.
7. My Independence. I'm grateful every day that my mother did such a great job of instilling in me the belief that I could do anything I wanted to, and that I could do it alone. I've spent a large portion of my adult life on my own, and instead of that being a negative, it's always been a positive.
8. My faith. I couldn't make it through life without the faith I carry in my heart that there is a higher purpose, a higher being. I'm grateful for that.
9. My gadgets. A lesser thing, but still important, from my laptop, to my cell phone; my mp3 player , digital camera and tivo, technology and all these little gadgets that make everyday life so much easier and more entertaining...I'm grateful for those.
10. My maturity. When I was younger, I took life way too seriously, and let even the smallest things get to me. As I've matured, I've learned to let those little things slide, and not focus so much on all the details, but instead enjoy the larger picture. I spend a lot less time being stressed, cranky, and pissed off. It's a much better way to live life.
11. My muse. I love to write. I get sincere pleasure from forming thoughts with random words and making them coherent on paper (or screen), and I'm so grateful that I've been blessed with the ability to do so.
12. My love of learning. Kind of going along with the muse, but the fact that I love to learn new things, my thirst for knowledge, is a wonderful gift. I'm constantly trying new things, experimenting with new adventures, and that makes life so interesting.
13. My shoe collection. WHAT? Shoes make me happy okay?
Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Unknown said...

You are truly blessed with many things to be thankful for. I bet Blogger isn't on that list LOL Sorry for your troubles.
Happy Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

I think the blogosphere is a more positive place today with all of the TT posts relating to US Thanksgiving. It brightens this snowy day for me. Thanks.

jayedee said...

wishing you a thankgiving filled with blessings and good food!

Anonymous said...

You are very blessed indeed! Your family sounds wonderful. And it's only fair to recognize the Muse now and few people remember to be grateful for her help and support...!

qualcosa di bello said...

what a great list!! you are blessed for sure & you are a blessing as well...especially to all your readers :D

happy thanksgiving to you!

Linda R. Moore said...

I would be truly lost without my internet connection. So no, I don't think it's odd at all.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy TT :)

Anonymous said...

Nice list. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.