Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Follow-Up - the two week edition

Last week I was too busy braving the crowds and getting some killer bargains to do my "Friday Follow-Up". I apologize for this, but as we've discussed here, it was the shopping Olympics people! I train all year for this event, I'm not going to just sit at home and let it pass me by.

But, not to worry, we'll just go back in time and review all the stuff I missed.

We'll start with Saturday, November 17th. If you missed it, this is where I shared the story of my first kiss. Remember all the romance, the love, the perfectness of it all? You do? Well, then obviously you didn't read my post...there was none of that involved folks. Kissing didn't get any of those things for me until much later in my dating career. Qualcosa di Bello commented: "i wonder, as a mom to an 18 yr old & 19 yr. old ~ both beautiful girls...should i really be reading your stuff??" Worry not QDB, my stuff really is mild at best, at least until we get to the post college relationships. And the guys, for the most part? Harmless. Besides, if they're your daughter, from what I know of you so far, then they've been raised right and have a good head on their shoulders, so they'll be just fine!

Sunday, November 18th, I stuck with some silly "blogthings" quizzes and we found out I am 44% cynical, I am "Big Black Boots", "Wedge Sandals", and "Very Happy Being Single". I could have told you the last one without a quiz! The cynical thing? I guess that's accurate. But the big black boots and wedge sandals? Both a little too "bulky" for me, I like my shoes more slim and sexy...but, then, the quizzes weren't really about shoes, were they. haha. Oh, and Frigga, no wonder we get along so well, we're practically twins! Or not. haha

Fun Monday on November 19th was a fun one. Okay, they all are, that's why we call them Fun Mondays after all, right? Still, it was fun taking a trip down memory lane and sharing some of the family stories that are repeated time after time within our families. I had so much fun reading everyone else's tales. Tiggerlane said: "Too cute! And your mom - she is beautiful in those photos.Now I want to know the word for "ashtray!" - First off, mom thanks you. She really was a beautiful woman (still is), and I love old pictures of her. I'll share more in the future. And as Willowtree said in his comment (smart guy he is looking it up on the web) the Portuguese word for ashtray is "cinzeiro", I, in my four year old voice, used to call it "cinzello". Oh and WT...stubbing cigarettes out in mashed potatoes? GROSS.

Tuesday, the 20th, I answered some of the questions posed to me by you, my lovely readers. I picked the silly ones for this particular post and had so much fun answering them. I'm glad everyone agreed with my coffee, chocolate and Johnny Depp choices. I mean, really, how could you go wrong?

Wednesday, the 21st, I posted pony pictures for Wordless Wednesday. Frigga, no, I do not have a pony of my own, but boy, it would be fun, wouldn't it? The title was indeed a reference to the toys of our youth. I had "Megan and Sundance", and I still sing that song from the commercial every time I hear the words "My Little Pony"....if only our memories held IMPORTANT stuff this long. Julia said "I'm so glad you seem to have your camera at the ready, Karina. I miss a lot of shots that way". I never leave my house without my camera for that reason exactly Julia, because you never know what you're going to drive past, you know?

Thursday Thirteen on Thanksgiving Day was, not surprisingly, all about giving thanks. I want to thank everyone who commented on that particular post, because you all had such nice things to say, so a little moment of "link-love" here: Adelle, Mom on the Go, jayedee, damozel, Linda R. Moore, Nicholas, and Qualcosa di Bello who said "you are blessed for sure & you are a blessing as well...especially to all your readers :D" How sweet is she? I truly am blessed though, in so many ways.

As we all know, I crapped out on Follow-Up Friday last week, because I was shopping. In keeping with NaBloPoMo, I posted, but it was just a short "here's what I'm doing today" post, besides, I think everyone was in turkey comas that day, there wasn't much blog traffic on Friday in these parts.

Saturday I spent with my friend "The Traveler" who was visiting from Florida, so not much blogging was done that day either. I posted, it's NaBloPoMo, so I had to post, but...really, nothing to see here folks.

And Sunday wasn't any less busy this past weekend, so you all got a fun little youtube video to entertain you. Haven't seen it yet? Check it out.

And we're back to Fun Monday again. This week it was all about our unfinished projects. Of course, after posting mine, I remembered a MAJOR unfinished project in my house that I didn't share, but by then I was at work and couldn't take photos, and don't really need to know about the wall in my living room that still needs some kind of crown molding or something to hide the quite obvious unfinished paint line against the ceiling, do you? Nope, didn't think so. Now, I know Susan was trying to make me feel better by telling me that my kitchen wallpaper was "vintagey" and all, but uh....didn't work. I still hate it. ;-)

Tuesday I answered some more of your questions to me. This time I went with some of the more introspective ones. Turns out Frances shares my "head under water" phobia, and although I shouldn't be happy about this, I kind of was giddy at the thought that someone else understood how I feel. I know it's irrational, but phobias are irrational fears after all, aren't they? It was also interesting to see how others could relate to the whole phobia thing in general. Unless you have a "TRUE" phobia, there is no way you can understand it though. That "panic" feeling is unlike anything strange.

In my Wordless Wednesday this week I shared with you some drinks. These were drinks from dinner with "The Traveller" Saturday night. I had the Espresso Martini (oh yum) and she had some fruity concoction. The picture was taken with my new cell phone camera, and I'm impressed it turned out as decent as it did. Not bad. Lissa said: "I'm wondering is this what you're going to do when you finish NaNo and NaBlo."...Yeah, I didn't wait, I did that on Saturday. I'll celebrate again this weekend. ;-) Jannis recognized the place immediately by the glassware, saying: "before I saw the beverage napkin. I am a part time server at Applebees. ps I hope you had good service...." I actually had exceptional service Jannis. Our waitress was a real sweetie. In fact, in all my years of eating at Applebees, I've never had bad service at one.

On Wednesday I also shared my rejection story. Okay, technically I wasn't rejected, as I didn't really "put myself out there" to be rejected. Again, you were all so sweet with your comments...y'all make me feel so loved! Lissa said "Sounds to me like you're better off - I mean an ex-girlfriend stalking him?" This could in fact be true...but then again, not entirely his fault that he has a psycho ex, right? Frigga said "Oh, and as for being a *new* girlfriend, it could be that he's the one for you and you'll just have to wait until the timing is better." and Lisa said: "Damn - you waited this long and . . . well, maybe she'll be a temp, you should check back with him next year. :)" --- Good point ladies. After all, we've played the "once a year" game for 4 years now, what's another year? hahaha

By the way, I've decided that just in case this "new girlfriend" is really new, and in the option of it not working out (not that I'm wishing that on anyone, but hey, these things don't always work out, right?) time I have to send a complaint to the condo association (and it will happen as soon as we have a snowstorm, I'm sure), I'm going to send him a cc and include my phone number, you know, in case he needs to follow up with me or something...because he might have questions or something...WHAT? I'm just sayin'... ;-)

Yesterday, my Thursday Thirteen was a reflection back on the month of November. And what a month it has been.

So, this is it...NaBloPoMo - COMPLETED, and successfully accomplished. NaNoWriMo...not so much.

See you all in December!


Rebecca said...

Hehe - great idea about the cc-ing your neighbor ;-) Happy Friday and super Congrats for posting everyday in November!! :P

A Slice of My Life said...

That was a long month wasn't it? Whew!

OK, what's going on with blogger? It will only accept my blogger account wonder I defected!

Jannis said...

I love your Friday follow-ups.

Frances D said...

Funny I got the same giddy sort of feeling myself.
You did a lot of great posts this past month.
Hope to see one for the group site soon - **hint hint ;)
Sending gobs of bloglove your way.