Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You Asked For It

Before NaBloPoMo began, I asked for some help from you, my dear readers. I wanted to be sure I wouldn't run out of blog fodder, so I gave you the chance to ask me anything you'd always wanted to know. I promised to answer all questions, and boy, did you give me some doozies.

Today I wanted to answer some of them, so without further ado, today I give some of the easier and even sillier questions:

Pam wanted to know all about the photo on the header up there...look up...yeah, that one. She said:

"So my question for you is, what is the background on that photo? Who? What? Where? When? Don't bother with Why? -- I mean, duh -- it's a beach. Why not?"

This is an easy one. The photo for my header was taken this past summer at Hampton Beach, in Hampton, New Hampshire. Some more photos from that day can be found here. Unfortunately there isn’t a rather exciting story to go with it. My friend Shopaholic and I made a trip out to the beach that day, for some walking around and relaxation. It was actually late in the day when we arrived at the beach, so we just strolled around, took a seat on some blankets and watched the ocean waves dance upon the shore. I took many pictures that day, just playing with the different settings of my digital camera, trying to capture the waves breaking, and the sea gulls swooping in for a kill. There were two little boys off to the side (you can see one of them, as well as Shopaholic in the above photos), in gleeful hysterics every time a wave would reach them. Fully clothed, as it was later and cooler out, they were soaked by the end of it all. I’ve always felt the sound of the ocean to be calming and can almost equate a trip to the beach, in the early evening hours, when it is quiet, and less crowded, with going to church. God is ever more present in those moments. Nature to me is a manifestation of God’s presence like few other things can be. The ocean, in all it’s awesomeness and infinite mystery, one of His greatest examples of his presence. Anyway, I’m not really sure what it is about the waves and feet, but I’ve seen this same type of photo on several blogs in my travels. It seems that when you are at the beach, with a pedicure, and a camera, you can’t help but take a picture of your toes. There’s something romantic about this pose. It’s a “look at me, lounging and relaxing” sort of thing…a bird’s eye view (or in this case, the photographer’s eye view) of what they see as they are sitting, taking it all in. I have a similar shot I took at the lake a few months ago. And I don’t even like my feet. I was one of those girls who wouldn’t wear open toed shoes for the LONGEST time (I now live in them all summer long). GO figure.

Frigga had a whole slew of great questions, among them, were a few not so serious ones, let's do those first:

If you were driving in your car, by yourself, with the windows rolled up, just rocking out to your music, and suddenly you were stung by a bee right in your jugular, what would you do?
UH…well, I don’t know. This might be one of those situations to which you don’t really know how you’d react until it actually happens. But I’m not one to freak out about bugs in general. I’m not a fan of spiders, but even they don’t freak me out as much as they used to, so I don’t think I’d panic. However, I’m not a fan of pain, and if I remember correctly, bee stings are quite unpleasant. I’m sure there would be a moment of “OH SHIT”, and perhaps even a quick turn of the wheel, or slam of the breaks, or something equally instant, but then I’d probably safely make my way over to the side of the road, and nurse my wounds with whatever I could find…either that, or suffer miserably until I could get home and nurse my wounds properly. OH, and I would no doubt grab my cell phone and call everyone I know to bitch about my misfortune.

So if you had a 3rd eye, where would you like it to be located?

Random much Frigga? Haha. I’m going to go with the back of my head, because who doesn’t want to know what’s going on when they turn their backs? The thing is, I’d want it to be hidden. Not only because then I wouldn’t look like a complete freak, but because then people wouldn’t know I had it there, so I could totally know stuff they didn’t know I know…you know?

If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, which three would you choose?

I’m sure I’d be a miserable human being, that I can guarantee you, but okay, three food. I’m assuming by three foods you meant three items, as opposed to three “meals”, so that’s how I’ll answer.

1. chocolate, because don’t tell me I’d get sick of it, it is chocolate after all, I’ll choose too much over none at all any day;

2. eggs, because there are so many different ways to make eggs, that at least there would be some variety.

3. I guess if I say fruit, I’m being too general right? Fruit salad. Yeah, there you go, fruit salad. Then I’d get some vitamins, and proteins and things. And I could pick and choose which fruits to eat daily, so I wouldn’t get sick of any one fruit.

Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t survive a month.

Same question, but with beverages?

This one is much easier. I might miss certain things, but I could easily survive without much effort on even one beverage alone.

1. Water. Nice mountain fresh, spring water. I LOVE water. There is nothing like an ice cold glass of water.
2. Coffee. I could do without it, but if I have three choices, I’ll take my caffeine in the morning please. (does adding milk or creamer constitute two beverage? Because I’d rather not drink it black, but I could)
3. White wine. This one for social events.
I don’t drink juices or sodas or anything else really. When I’m thirsty, I drink water, when I’m socializing, I have a glass of wine or a martini, in the morning I drink coffee.

Along the same lines, from Jannis:

You are banished to a deserted island. What 1 food would you take with you? What drink?
Hmmm…well, let’s see, since I’m on a deserted island, I’m going to assume that I could find fruit, and a fresh water source (Hey, we’re being hypothetical, I’m giving myself some leeway), so…I’m going to go with chocolate, because oh man, I’d die without it. And hmm…drink…a nice white wine, because besides water, I don’t really drink much else (in terms of sodas and juices, etc.), and a nice glass of wine here and there would be nice to enjoy the ocean breeze with.

And from Min: (I liked Jannis' question, but I want to make it harder. If you were banished to a desert island and you could only take one of three things, what would it be:
1. A Bible
2. A case of tequila
3. Johnny Depp

These are my three choices? I thought it would be harder, but of the three choices, hands down, Johnny Depp. I wouldn’t need the bible to pray, especially surrounded by all that nature on a desert island…I could find God in so many other ways, and I’ve never been a fan of tequila. So, Johnny Depp!..yeah...

oh and what do you know of the reconstruction of the economy in post-revolutionary France?

UH, yeah…not so much. And I’m afraid I’m not really all that interested in looking it up. I didn't know this was going to be a history lesson Min. ;-)

And there you have it! There were lots of other questions asked, and I'll be posting answers to those in the next few days as well...stay tuned.


Rebecca said...

So where do I sign up to get banished to a deserted island with Johnny? ;-) Great answers!

Jannis said...

KK I really enjoy your blog!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Loved the deserted island theme to this post, Karina. Chocolate, wine, Johnny Depp - when does it start?

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Excellent answers, and I'd be willing to count "coffee and milk" as one beverage ;)

And Johnny Depp is always an excellent choice.

qualcosa di bello said...

so i stumbled to the end of the post (too much turkey & my brain is in nap mode!) thinking about my dessert choices for the evening...chocolate, coffee & johnny depp! (i am reading chocolat ;) very good lists my dear!!