Sunday, November 04, 2007

Classic Movie Quiz

While bloghopping yesterday I came across this quizz on my friend Frigga's blog. Since I've never met a personality quizz I could resist (really, I'm a sucker for these things), I went ahead and took it, answering all 45 questions. My result:
Hmmm...interesting! If you take the test, come back an tell me what movie you are.


Rebecca said...

Yikes - it doesn't make sense that your personality would come up with such a depressing movie... I mean I get the whole selflessness thing, but really - your personality has never made me think of gas chambers or any of the rest of that stuff. 8-) Maybe I just didn't pay close enough attention to that movie... In any case I gave you some link love for playing!!! :P

Debs said...

I did not like my answer....The God Father. LOL

Anonymous said...

My answer: You are Platoon. You are an anxious foot solider on the battlefield of life, seeking to avoid danger and preserve your security.

I didn't see this movie but it sounds pretty much like me.

Thanks for the distraction.

qualcosa di bello said...

cool...i am mr. smith goes to washington...i like james stuart!!

Junebug said...

I was also Schindler's List.

Jannis said...

I am Easy Rider.... I want to be cool like the Godfather!

Karina said...

Frigga, thanks. Your comment made me smile. At first I did think that Schindler's list was a depressing choice for me, but the "selfless" was nice. haha...I would have picked something happier myself though. ;-)

Debs, I've actually never seen The GodFather...but I wonder why that was your movie...hmmm

Lissa, Platoon was a good movie, if you like war movies that is. We all need he distraction in the midst of NaNoWriMo right?

QDB, another movie I've never seen.

Junebug, so, did you think it was too depressing a choice for yourself as well?

Jannis, Easy Rider is pretty cool too though!